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     Senior Solutions - vancouver, Wa

Senior Care Services - Vancouver WA

Senior Solutions For Age-Related Changes 

Expert consultation for families experiencing aging challenges 

There are so many challenges associated with age-related changes with seniors ; it’s difficult to know where to turn or whom to talk to. When facing the issues of an aging parent or spouse, the emotional ties make it even more difficult and frustrating for a family just trying to “do the right thing”. Northwest Healthcare has helped hundreds of families with advanced preparation for an aging family member, or to explore the options for making life a little more rewarding and easier, for both the family and the senior!     

We can help  provide senior care, geriatric care management, family and caregiver consultation, home care and crises intervention for the aging population. Growing old is inevitable, but the choices we make at those most important moments will affect the outcomes of aging.

Our goal is to identify the core issues and help seniors live confidently and age gracefully in their own homes for as long as possible. Our gerontologists, case managers, and professional caregivers have helped hundreds of families with aging-related issues, such asSenior Client with owner of Northwest Healthcare Inc.

  •  Resisting outside help and assistance when necessary

  • A parent or spouse needing to relocate because their living situation is unsafe

  •  Families who are unable to agree upon the best options for a parents’ needs

  •  Frustrations of parental dependencies which affect an adult child's abilities to function

  •  Issues with possible exploitation, neglect, or abuse

  •  Feelings of helplessness or frustration around aging parental issues

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Vancouver, WA  98662
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Enhanced Senior Care

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Hospice In Home Care

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In Home Memory Care

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Same Day Home Care Assistance

Our care team understands that care needs can often be the result of an unplanned crisis, making response time critical! Northwest Healthcare excels in providing same day home care assistance.

Count On Us 24/7

Our at-home senior care is available every day of the year.

Free Senior Care Consultation

Feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of a family, job, and aging parents? Unsure of what home care services would help? Our specialists are available to answer your care questions, provide advice, or just listen. Initial consultation is free! Give us a call to set up an appointment. We are located near Vancouver mall.