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Minimum Hours of Service

It is very difficult for anyone to invite a "stranger" into your home; even more difficult if this person will be providing  personal care services. When seniors are resistant to accepting assistance, it's often because of the fear of someone new.... imagine a number of new people entering the home to provide assistance! Our goal is to establish a trusting relationship  between the client and caregiver so that our clients are accepting of the supportive services each may need to remain at home.           

Why does Northwest Healthcare have minimum hours?

 In today's world, there is a significant  shortage of good caregivers who are available to meet the demands of a growing senior population. In order to assure our clients' receive quality services that meet our high standards, we depend on a stable and reliable staff who are skilled, trained, and thoroughly familiar with the support each client deserves.

We have found that quality caregivers will not accept shifts that are only a couple of hours long and, if they do, will only stay until they can find more hours with another client or company.We do not believe any client wants a "revolving door" of new caregivers, so we assure our staff a minimum number of hours per shift.

 Each caregiver is specifically trained by our management team to provide personally tailored services for our clients in a manner that is acceptable to each client. By having low turnover, the quality of the services provided is vastly improved.

Because of our higher minimum hours requirement we have a higher office staff to client hour’s ratio. This means our office staff has more time to follow up on quality of service, client satisfaction and client needs to ensure the best caregiving experience possible. Caregivers arrive at the client’s home fully orientated, and ready to go to work. We have systems and procedures in place to assure they get there on time do what they are supposed to do and leave at their scheduled time.        

Minimum hours and shift requirements are:

Personal Care:      minimum 5-12 hour shifts, for a total of 15 hours a week minimum  

Enhanced Care:    minimum  5-12 hour shifts, total a total of 30 hours a week  minimum      

What can a caregiver do for a client with in that many hours? Our caregivers do not only provide personal care; they can deep clean a home, cook meals in advance, go on outings, accompany to medical appointments, shop for food and supplies, assist with special events, organizing paperwork, bill paying, pet care, and so much more !  

Many people needing home care services do want shorter shifts, often 1-3 hours in length. It was very hard for us to decide we could not serve this need because we could not provide the quality service we are known for if the caregivers on those shifts are constantly replaced and the new ones retrained.

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