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Northwest Healthcare Mission and Vision


Our consumers are not “clients”… they are real people trying to cope with the overwhelming challenges of an accident, illness, or chronic condition. Our mission is to increase each consumers' personal well-being, despite medical, cognitive, and psychological challenges. We will provide "life-enhancing services" based on each individual's unique circumstances. We will do this by providing multiple levels of care coordination and in-home supportive services that will enhance physical and mental health, maximize independence, and promote self-respect.

Vision: We Are The Professional Experts!

• We perform as a team whose focus is outstanding service to our consumer and their family.

• Our primary products are case management and specialized assessments. This includes coordinated care, preventative interventions, disease management, and situation-specific assessments that result in care plans and recommended interventions.

• Our secondary products are multiple levels of supportive services, home health, and skilled services.

• Through understanding the complexities of a client's life, we will help the customer and client identify the problems and issues that need to be addressed in order to "normalize" life and meet their expressed goals.

• Our services are based strongly on a personalized assessment and intake process; we help the customer understand the type and level of services that will meet the customer's expressed goals for service.

• We provide genuine solutions based on the individual's unique circumstances.

• We accomplish care management by establishing a dynamic care plan based on input from the interdisciplinary team (Care Partners).

• The key to our success is gathering and disseminating information within the interdisciplinary team that is timely, accurate and ongoing. Communication, and then responding with appropriate interventions.



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Enhanced Senior Care

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Same Day Home Care Assistance

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Count On Us 24/7

Our at-home senior care is available every day of the year.

Free Senior Care Consultation

Feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of a family, job, and aging parents? Unsure of what home care services would help? Our specialists are available to answer your care questions, provide advice, or just listen. Initial consultation is free! Give us a call to set up an appointment. We are located near Vancouver mall.