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We offer the same skilled services that a nursing home and assisted living have...

The most appropriate environment for someone with memory loss is familiar surroundings. It only makes sense to care for those with Alzheimer's and Dementia in their own home. Our personalized Alzheimer's care can help your family members deal with the difficulties of this disease. We have helped hundreds of senior and disabled individuals since our company's beginnings. Our knowledge of how to treat and cope with Alzheimer's can ensures an experience that will be truly beneficial for the client and family.Alzheimer's client with his cane enjoying the outdoors

Today, million Americans have Alzheimer's disease. No one should have to face Alzheimer's alone, including spouses and family members. Caring for a person with Alzheimer's is difficult and can create stress and tension with everyone involved. In-home memory care can make the difference for you and other family members. We know the importance of daily routines of Alzheimer's clients. This can help relieve the worry, misunderstanding, and frustration associated with Alzheimer's.

We offer the same skilled services that a nursing home and memory care facilities have. These services are available in their own home where your loved one can maintain their daily schedule and routines. We can help provide quality of life, while maintaining a safe living environment with nutritional meals, mind stimulation, activities, and social interaction. Monitor behavioral changes is also important. This will help us maintain an ongoing care plan that is important with the progression of this disease.

Examples of what In-Home Memory care can provide:

  • Allows the senior to remain safe and calm in their home
  • Encourage engagement and social interaction
  • Make sure medications and supplements are taken
  • Provide mind-stimulating activities
  • Monitor and manage changing behaviors
  • Supervision of daily activities
  • Personal Hygiene including Bathing, Toileting, Hair & Skin Care
  • Provide nutritious meals
  • Errands, shopping, and transportation
  • Housekeeping, including laundry and linens
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